Introduction to CASSA

Dato' Dr. Jacob George

The Consumers' Association of Subang and Shah Alam, Selangor (CASSA) is a grassroots Malaysian non-governmental consumers organization, which fights for the rights and interests of Malaysian consumers linking consumer, environmental and development issues.

CASSA is a vocal advocate for consumers' rights concerning food, housing and habitat issues , health care, sanitation, public transport, education, public policy, human rights and the environment.

It also organizes and participates in national and international workshops, seminars, and conferences on various consumer issues to educate various grassroots communities and the civil society, which includes, residents associations, religious organizations, trade unions, farmers, fishermen, institutions of learning and higher education, the media and womens groups.

CASSA also interacts and provides vital feedbacks on policy planning and issues to state and federal policymakers and the Malaysian government.

CASSA is dedicated to helping people become more responsible consumers and to protecting them from marketplace malpractice and abuse.

What are CASSA Policy on Consumerism , Rights and Responsibilities

CASSA Consumer policy promotes the establishment of legislation, institutions and information that improve quality of life and empower people to make changes in their own lives. It seeks to ensure that basic human rights are recognised, and promotes understanding of people’s rights and responsibilities as consumers. These are:

  • the right to satisfaction of basic needs
  • the right to safety
  • the right to be informed
  • the right to choose
  • the right to be heard
  • the right to redress
  • the right to consumer education
  • the right to a healthy environment.

CASSA interacts and facilitates avenues that results in Consumers having rights and responsibilities to use their power in the market to drive out abuses, to encourage ethical practices and to support sustainable consumption and production.

CASSA assists , develops and protects consumers’ rights and their awareness of their responsibilities which are integral to:

  • eradication of poverty and roots causes that encourages such
  • good corporate governance, acountability and transparency
  • social justice and the respect for human rights
  • fair, equitable and effective market economies
  • protection of the environment