Malaysians must learn from terrorist attack on US civilians
(Posted on 11.37am Sep 17, 2001)

There is no denying that millions of television viewers around the world were devastatingly shocked as they witnessed the cruel and heinous attack on civilian centers and a military installation in the United States of America.

Many thousands of lives are believed to have been lost in this brutal and calculated attack at the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon, the hub of United States Military, using civilians and American airlines as "human Bombs"!

No one doubts that there was extensive planning and coordination before this brutal and inhuman feat was perpetrated on a nation that may have thought it was invincible.

The huge loss of civilian lives, injuries and the destruction of property by this unprecedented terrorist attack on the United States of America cannot but be condemned by all peace loving and law abiding international community!

It is disturbing that hijackers, using knives, could be in a position to bring about the death and destruction of thousands of people and property, striking an element of immense fear and terror on ordinary peace loving people, not only in the United States of America, but across the world.

This brutal and horrendous attack on mostly civilian population continues to confirm that there is no security as long as there are evil individuals and groups obsessed in enforcing their views and political philosophy on the masses.

The attack clearly proves that militant and fundamentalist religious groups will not hesitate to take innocent lives, destroy property and threaten the lives of millions of people to enforce their political and religious views and agenda on the masses!

With the United States of America mourning her loss, and imposing a national and military alert, it is hoped that her intelligence and federal enforcement units would conduct immediate postmortems on it national security measures.

Today, as her friends, all Malaysians share America's loss and sorrows.

In reflection, it is moment like this that all Malaysians cannot but be thankful to the government and the law and enforcement divisions here for the peace and stability we enjoy, despite attempts by certain groups to undermine the security of this nation.

It is moment like this that we cannot but be prepared to support the government's preventive actions to protect the peace and security of our nation from those bent on enforcing their will and political affiliations on the silent majority who treasure living in harmony endowed with religious, racial and cultural diversity.

It is moment like this that we in Malaysia must advise our government and our security and intelligence units to undertake all efforts to safeguard the peace and security of our nation, and to ensure that Malaysia will not become a target or a transit point for local or international terrorists groups!

Dr. Jacob George
Subang Jaya