No point in smearing our image at overseas forums
(Posted on 03.48pm Apr 17, 2002 )

AT an international meeting in Switzerland, we were once again accused of violating basic fundamental human rights in Malaysia.

And the allegations were made just recently at the 58th Session of the Commission of Human Rights held in Geneva, Switzerland, by none other than Malaysians.

I was initially shocked and saddened when informed of these allegations by my foreign colleagues who seemed concerned about the effects and implications on the country's long-term interests.

It is rather ironical that foreigners here seemed more concerned for our nation's image than those who have benefited greatly from the development and progressive policies.

What is the justification of such allegations and claims that "human rights had gone to the dogs", and other unsubstantiated allegations that portray the Malaysian Government and its leaders in a rather bad light? The Government led by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad is spending time and resources to position Malaysians in the international arena which will eventually lead to economic progress and development.

And all these individuals and organisations travelling on a Malaysian passport can do is smear Malaysia at an international meeting.

The timing of these allegations is also of great interest to me as they are made barely a month before the visit by Dr Mahathir to the United States.

Dr Jacob George
Subang Jaya